DM-Richter Pack


Version: Final

Compatibility: Patch 2.1

Number of Players: 9 +/- 3

An early video covering both levels (pre division):

This map was later subdivided yielding two maps

| — DM-Richter (UDamage Side)

|— DM-Chiasma (Berserk Side)




: SkaarjMaster

These two are related as I can see by a few areas that looks familiar between them. Thanks for including preview shots and including author name and player load in them. OK, so here are my comments on the two maps:

DM-Chiasma_SE_Final >> I knew I’d seen this one before, so I’ll just upgrade my previous comments. Once again good lighting/shadows/colors/textures and I liked the grays and oranges. The surface of the water can now be seen from below and the skybox and outside scenery still looks cool. I forgot about the small water room, which may have been added (not sure) and also liked the leaking pipe, sparks and other additions. The gameplay is slightly better as I didn’t seem to get stuck that much as before. The bots are still very good, but I still made it out on top but barely.

DM-Richter_Final >> Cool atmosphere with waterfall, shimmering steam surface of some sort, clouds rushing overhead and other scenery. There is a very strange mechanical leak/motor noise in one section of the map that is very unnerving at times, which adds to maps atmosphere very well. I also noticed some other strange sounds which may be related to the traps being triggered and WTF is that fire bomb thing! Holy Mackeral! Got me twice before I knew where to look for it. The gameplay is good with a lot of new twists to figure out some of which I not sure I like. Bots are tough and you’re definitely right about them working better with the interactive traps.

Download: DM-Richter Pack
Mirror: MapRaider


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