DM UOF3 Skives

Version: V1

Compatibility: UT3 +  Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

Number of Players: 9 +/- 3

Released: 15th Dec 2011 as part of UOF3 DM Map Pack



Review: by Anubis ‘Shadowgod’

The map Skives remind me of the typciall UT99 and low poly design, which means the using of add and subtract brushes only and less or no static meshes. I’m a fan of those maps, because they are fun! It is not always necessary, that there are thousands of polygons as detail (static meshes), even something simple looking can be good, like in the case of UT99 and many other maps. Nevertheless, I do like the way, how this map does look…old, alive and interesting, that’s what I think. I really like that trap at the shield belt. When I stood for the first time on the glass, I thought trap or deco…hmm…but I was too curious and a second later, those spines kicked my ass very much, but it was funny.

Greed and Domination Versions to be released with an Extended Game Map Pack


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