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Nobiax’s: Static Meshes Converted to ASE for UT3 / UDK / UE4

Original Author:Nobiax @ Deviantart

I created this pack to give prominence to open source artist Nobiax. I converted meshes to .ase adding light mapping and collision support. This will help map makers who are not familiar with 3D Modeling packages make full use of his work. These Meshes are offered gratis under Creative Commons License V3

Warning: These are ASE files only! Please visit the authors site to get texture maps. Links are provided below and imaged mapped in the “read me.htm”

I understand it would be easier to create an all in one pack, but I chose to direct interested parties to the authors site – where credit is due. This also reduces the size of this pack which would approximate hundreds of MB if all textures were included.

Change Log:
Pack updated to correct –
Fern v2 mesh flickering issue (thx to Nobiax for providing a fix).
Grass v3 have been scaled and had their origins centered.

Instructions for use:
1. Download texture maps – see preview shot or Read Me.htm for details
2. Import both .ase and texture maps into the editor (conversion to .bmp or .tga may be required). Create corresponding Material with set up of your choice.
3. Under the static mesh editor add the material you created to the mesh under LODinfo > [0] > Elements [0] > Material
4. Under “LightMapCoordinateIndex” Change for 0 to 1 and “LightMapResolution” to 32

The content of the pack include:

Wood Barrels, Fuel Barrel, Fuel Can, Metal Barrel

Pallet v2, Gaz Tank, Weapon Box, Ammo Box

Plastic Explosive, Magnetic Bomb, Card Board Boxes, Grass v1

Grass v2, Grass v3, Fern v2, Palm Plant

Palm Tree, Parviflora, Tropical Plant 1, Tropical Plant 2

Download: Nobiax ASE Pack v1.2

Clock Bomb, Concrete Pipes, Modular Building, 3D Plants,

Bamboo v1, Bushes, Cannabis, Chest, Concrete Barriers,

House Plants, Money, Palm Trees, 3D Pillars, Pillars,

Rocks, Trashes, Mundo Commissions, Hesco Box,

Stylized Grass, Rocks 02, Rocks 03, Stone Coffin,

Stylish Plants, Tiny Weeds 02, Tiny Weeds 03,

Tiny Weeds, Tropical Shrubs

Download: Nobiax ASE Pack v2