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A Interesting presentation at DICE 2012 by Epic Games Tim Sweeney

UOF EG Map Pack Released

Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

Release date:December 20th, 2011

These Extended Gameplay maps are built on the ‘UOF DM Map Pack’ and include many changes. While Deathmatch is the preferred mode within UT3 we understand other gametypes occupy the hearts of many of us. Our Extended Gameplay pack is a salute to CTF, DOM, DDOM and Greed.

The pack is composed of:

Amissa Night Edition     Greed
Tapinak Night Edition     Greed
Tapinak DOM
Insidious DOM, Greed
Itarion DOM
Skives DOM, Greed
Vortex Legacy CTF, DOM, Greed

Grab the Pack at:

Epic Forum

Unreal Old Friends Forum